The story of the two wolves and high estrogen

Which wolf is winning inside your head?

The Indian grandfather sits with his grandson one day to tell the story of the two wolves…

“Inside every person there is a good wolf and a bad wolf and both are fighting each other for their lives.

The boy shocked says “ which one of the wolves wins?”

To which the old man replies “ the one you feed”.

This great parable is a perfect way to describe what goes inside our heads as women.

The thoughts that we give most attention to, the ones we recycle, we replay are the ones that survive.

The ones that we shut down, that we don’t listen to, obviously are the ones that die.

Within each of us there are two voices as a minimum. As women there are probably more. Especially if you have a hormone imbalance. 

These are the voices that govern our actions and can stop us from moving forward, getting in the way of being who we were born to be and our eclectic best.

I find, often as well, after working in my clinic with women for over 16 years, and having suffered a hormone imbalance myself, that when our hormones are out, our thoughts can go haywire.

Why we don’t talk about the voices in our head.

Now alot of women don’t talk about their thoughts for fear of being shunned, or judged, or being embarrassed. Many women don’t know that we ALL have these opposing voices inside them! It’s  a dialogue as women we don’t generally share.

I want to reassure you that you are not alone, that you are not abnormal, and that this is normal.

If you hormones are out, if your estrogen is too high, or even too low, often those thoughts will be amplified and exacerbated. Sometime it can feel like a volcano waiting to erupt, and for many it does and we have an anger outburst.

This popping corn inside our head can stop us falling asleep, cripple our confidence, makes us feel anxious and even depressed. For some it spirals so out of control it leads to OCD behaviours, neurosis and even thoughts of harm.

It can be unrelenting.

Now you don’t have to be going through menopause for this to occur it can occur at any point in your life.

Unfortunately more and more women are suffering with this condition of high estrogen. (I will discuss low estrogen in another blog).

There are a range of reasons why estrogen is going up:

  1. Greater exposure. We are being exposed to more chemically enhanced foods which can mimic estrogens (xenoestrogens, eg weedicides, pesticides).

  2. Women are taking estrogens in pills, such as the contraceptive pill and HRT.

  3. Women are putting more strain on their livers, which is responsible for breaking estrogen down. Taking a few panadols a day is more that your liver was designed to do. Whilst short term it can cope with small extra work loads, long term, it takes a toll

  4. Ineffective clearing through the bowel – such as constipation, IBS can lead to hormone imbalances

How do you know if your estrogen is elevated?

  1. Symptoms (a list is on page 72 of my best selling book Beauty and the Beast Within)

  2. Doing a saliva hormone test (WHO recommends saliva testing as the most accurate way to measure hormones. You can order yours here).

  3. Or trying eating better, stopping exogenous sources of hormones and see if you feel better.

There are many strategies to lower estrogen from your body but finding out whether it is high or low is important. Especially if you are burnt out or going through menopause, as the symptoms can feel the same.

This Friday I will be doing a live FB session on high estrogen and giving more details of how you feel and what you can actively start doing to lower it.

The details are here.

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