Acne – Natural Options

How to manage acne naturally

These are the slides I gave on a presentation on managing acne naturally.

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How common is acne?

Acne (aka acne vulgaris)

– affects 79-95% of 16-18 year olds

– some degree of acne exists in 54% of   women and 40% of men b/t 25-44  years

Acne Rosacea (not the same as acne vulgaris)

– 1-20% of population

Psoriasis:  1-3 % of population

Herpes Simplex Virus

– HSV 1 – 80% infected and 30% outbreaks

– HSV 2 – 13-40% of population

Eczema : 1-12% in children and 0.9% in adults

What are the main triggers for acne?

In my 35+ years of helping people with acne and other skin conditions I would put in order of causes/triggers:

  1. Hormones
  2. Food triggers
  3. Stress
  4. Gut health
  5. Sensitivities to products


1. Hormones + Acne

Given the fact that most acne first starts when the person is in their pubescent years it makes sense that hormone imbalances are the most likely cause.

I will find that high testosterone, high estrogen, high cortisol, low progesterone are often implicated.

The saliva test below, is an example of how easy it is to find out these hormone imbalances are. Then a plan can be made for bringing them back into balance.

This is a specialty of mine and you can order a saliva test and 30 min consultation once results are back here.

This is an example of a test result.

2. Food Triggers + Acne

Over the years as a nutritionist I can reassure you that food and what you eat are involved with every aspect of your health.

Delving deeper into foods and the impact on your body will set you up for a healthy happy life. Ignoring food and nutrition will mean that you may never find the true underlying causes of many health ailments.

When it comes to acne the main food triggers I have observed are:




Now to remove all these in one swoop will mean learning new ways of eating. There are many ways to do it, following a paleo diet will achieve it. For some cutting out bread and cheese is 60%. For others some nutritional coaching will pay massive dividends.

I offer nutritional advice and have a 8 week life transformational program here. Or seek out others like Pete Evans here.

If you order my hair test + consult here, we will bee able to discuss your nutrition and foods.

3. Stress

Stress, which is a natural body response, is rampant in modern day living.

Time pressures, doing things we don’t agree with, over achieving, over pleasing, not exercising, not saying “no”, there are many reasons why. If stress is left uncheck it will affect every system in our body – including sleep, skin, gut, heart and happiness.

I have been working with people for many years on quick, easy and effective techniques for reducing stress. If you would like more information on my courses/programs please either purchase the core health program and start there, or reach out to Alex (Sam’s PA) via here.

We can arrange a quick chat about the best steps forward and can offer hypnotherapy, art therapy, life coaching, values alignment and more.

4. GUT Health

Under pining all health is food and our gut response to those foods.

The gut holds our instincts, a direct wiring system with the brain and is an important part of our waste management system.

Working out how vibrant our gut is can start with the hair test. It may indicate parasites, bacteria, food intolerances and more. Check it out here.

5. Sensitivity to products

Our skin is our largest organ and there for can absorb way more than your gut. Think about what you feed your skin. What is in contact with your skin and how respectful you are of your skin.

I always suggest going natural where ever  you can with personal products, home products and fabrics (clothing, bedding).



ACT now or act on behalf of someone

Approaching acne naturally first, can save years of low esteem and counseling & thousands in products and treatments.

It may also save being exposed to unnecessary medications that can alter people’s lives negatively for years. Read my post on Roacutane here. It is an older blog now but still has links for up today date resources.

The natural way for this common skin issue is highly successful and worth the upfront expense.

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PS: Hair test + hormone test is the best. Check it out here. Or I have books on hormones under shop that you can purchase and down load at any stage.