Back to the bay

Byron Bay twice in the same week seems a pure indulgence.

My favorite beach in Australia, Wategos.

Pig belly, views, Byron’s blue water and space.

Loads of space… air… you know the stuff that seems limited in cities and in massive abundance in the country. I even breathe deeper here.

I’ve slipped away for another interlude with Byron, a love affair that started many moons ago when I first used to drive here from Melbourne and Sydney. It was the Mecca of the Northern NSW coast back then and still is.

I will write many blogs on Byron no doubt. Like Bali, each time is a different journey, visit and lesson.

It is a cross roads for all walks of life, all cultures, all travelers, all religions, all ideas. It is essentially Byron.

It’s pure colour alone is incredible.

This time around I am staying in a TENT on my own. It’s a first.

No boyfriend, no one else, just me, my rusty hammer and my new tent.

My new tent that blew over defiantly after I erected it last time. Fortunately we seem to have a better understanding this time around and it could be a lot to do with the hammer.

I recall why I am here. I have unfinished business this week!

Unfinished business with myself actually. I have had a big week in business. Not so much trade but behind the scenes, making some big decisions, business planning for the new year and the like. It’s not stressful but very masculine in energy.

While I don’t mind being a “business man” from time to time, I have found I need to mix it up with green light activities (surfing, walking, swimming, art, journally etc) as these are the things that actually keep happy, relaxed and fulfilled long term.

I need time away to refeminize, regroup and generally digest it all. And Byron is the best wet nurse for me.

I find myself at the same place as Tuesday for lunch. The Byron Cafe.

It’s special feature is it’s views.

I booked the other day because the only way to go is to sit over looking the bay. I have been coming to this cafe for years…. 1994!… when it used to be a burger bar. I used to come her with my boyfriend after a surf and grab a burger and a smoothie. FUN days. Still are.

Now days, the Byron Cafe is more up-market with its food; Pork Belly, crab meat spaghetti, snapper etc… ALL delicious selections. I really like the food. It’s the second time this week I am eating here and no surprises, I go for the pork belly again. Maybe not the healthiest on the menu but the naughtiest and yummiest.

I order the pork belly. I can’t help it. The concept of eating another animals belly fat is abhorant but I LOVE IT.

The apple sauce, the gravy, the potato remind me of Prague and pig knuckles which are some of my fondest eating moments. MMMMM

I am looking forward to venture back again real soon and until then Byron, Mi Amor.