Minyon Falls, Mullum and dragon lizards

Well some days nature just calls and today was one of those days.

Minyon Falls NSW

A few clients shuffled around their appointments this morning and (like a silent but LOUD alarm)  I knew I need a dose of mother nature.

I didn’t really bargain on the BIG dose of mother nature at Poinciana Cafe – a funky outdoors healthy eats place in Mullumbimby!

David Bowie’s soft melodic tunes hum away in the back ground and the weather blows, stops, rains and shines! Very Melbourne but quite nice being rained upon and awesome listening to some random tunes!.

Yellow Sword Fish from Poinciana Cafe Mullumbimby

The Poinciana has a good vibe… and lots of lizards. I think the chardonnay helps with the phobia but seriously I need more convincing.

Today I order the Yellow Fin Sword Fish and it is delicious… and the lizards become less of an issue until one pounces on my toes (I dropped a crumb) which sends me into a tail spin and I bolt off to the bush. (I don’t “do” lizards well).

Minyon Falls is a little off the beaten track but the drive there is so sublime. Yellow-green fields, fresh country air and exitement! I love the northern rivers of NSW. It’s wholesome and complete and close to civilisation yet so far away.

Minyon falls are incredible. Some of the tallest falls I have experienced in a long time and I get a little giddy.

The lovely creek that feeds into Minyon Falls

After a few kilometres into my bush walk, I also get giddy from thinking about snakes, so this time decide to abort and come back on a cooler day! Some days snakes don’t bother me, but after my frazzled ending to Nepal and the heat of the day, I know I will encounter a snake and I doubt I will be cool-calm-and-collected, so opt to bail before greeting my demons.

A light swim at Clarkes in Byron Bay on the way home rounds the day off nicely and a stressless drive home.