Bali soul food

Back in Bali looking at retreats for the year  – venues and themes. I have so many ideas and feel so inspired and nurtured when I come here on so many levels.

Visually the place is alive and vibrant – the energy jumps out from the plant and really tantilises my creativity.

There is always a back ground noise of birds chirping, whistling music or stillness. Sometimes there is nothingness!

To taste the food is to taste life. I love the organic, aromatic food that is everywhere. Balinese take special pride in their presentation and the foods is as colourful, as it is tasteful. It really is like nourishing your body and temple.

And the vibe- the hugs, the polite, but engaging greetings are natural here. People don’t  judge your first they say hello and get to know you – slowly. It’s refreshing.

Aside from looking for a resort to hold retreats I am also doing some charity work.

The guys I help out are Sole Men. A really cool organisation run by Robert Epstone.

Yesterday we meet Wayan – a quadripelgic from a bamboo incident.  A lovely soul and he and his wife battle through every day with no gov support but love from family and dressing supplies from Sole Men. And soon a wheel chair and a few things I am trying to muster up.

Last night I did my first Buddist Chanting – scary – like all new things – but they easy, harmonious and enjoyable.

I woke this morning chanting and would like to continue – it seems to be right for now.

Namaste and I will see what is install for me today in this beautiful land