Do You Suffer with the Burnt Sausage Syndrome?

Do You Suffer with the Burnt Sausage Syndrome (BSS)?

Do you put everyone else ahead of you?

Only to find that no one really puts your needs ahead of theirs?

Do you find that you don’t feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Loved
  • Fulfilled

Let’s have a look at this crazy BSS!

(And how to beat it…)

First introduced to me as a syndrome a few years ago

My friend and colleague Murray Altham really nailed it…

And as I sat there listening to him, I realised, I too, had played the BSS game…


When I was married (over 11 years ago now)… I use to play the burnt sausage game.

I used to give everyone at the table and guests at dinner parties the best of everything…

Leaving the remnants for myself.

(I talk more about this in my best seller Beauty & the Beast Within).


The BSS is a beautiful metaphor for life.

We often give our work the best,

We often give our children the best,

We even give our partners the best.

And save nothing for ourselves!

We leave the Burnt Sausage for ourselves.


You might even know the voice of BSS… the internal or audible voice:


“.. Oh yes dear, I’ll pack your lunch for you…”

“.. Oh yes dear I’ll mop the floors at nine o’clock at night before I go to bed…

“.. Oh yes boss, I’ll stay back in my lunch break and work through, you go and relax and enjoy life.”


I hate to say it but the burnt sausage syndrome is akin to being a martyr and I don’t think it is that useful

Don’t worry though, I’ve been there and I know how to change it.


Do you recognise these features of BSS:

– Putting children’s activities and fees ahead of yours…

– Hearing yourself saying “I don’t have time…”

– Find yourself day after day not exercising

– Collapsing into bed at night, tired, exhausted, guilty…

– Discovering it’s been days (weeks) since you initiated love making…

– Feeling BURNT OUT!

You may relate to many of these…

And I don’t want to leave you hanging.


If you recognise these in yourself you can do something about it.


Do you need to change the BSS?

Great Question!

I mean, who cares if you aren’t happy, rested and feeling fulfilled?


I hope that stirred something in you…

The only person in this life you can really impact on, is YOU!


This life… YOUR LIFE….


You Need to attend to your OWN NEEDS first.

And when mumma bear happy, everyone happy!



I want to tell you a story about a women who I interviewed to join my health program recently.

She really needs to join the program.

2016 saw her sick… antibiotics, potentially SERIOUS sicknesses…hospital sick…

That was on top of her low energy levels, her over weight problem

Her period issues and broken sleep…


But when we talked about her actually need to make changeall I received was excuses.

She had all the usual excuses that I hear coming out of the mouths of mum’s, with the burnt sausage syndrome.


The money excuse:

I would join (and treat my health) but I have just paid some (incredible) amount to put the kids through private schools.


The time excuse:

I don’t have time, I’m working so I can send those kids to private schools, when I finish looking after everyone else, there’s no time.


The energy excuse:

I don’t have energy to exercise and cook better….


REALLY it’s just a platter of excuses.


In the end I was glad she didn’t join. She wasn’t ready.

I hear these excuses ALL the time with women with BSS.


“I can’t afford to look after my health, even though it’s only 20% of my kids school fees!”

Having been in that poverty burnt sausage mind set, I understand it. BUT I know it is neither health, nor beneficial to anyone.

  Kids deserve a mum who is energised and healthy.


Your partner deserves someone at their peak, not at their perpetual empty…

You deserve to be at your peak and enjoying every day!


I really understand the BSS …

I do believe it takes some work to change it though, which is why I have my Health Mastery Program and retreats.

If you are interested please don’t waste any more of your life and hit reply here.

Let’s discuss your willingness to change and if you are suitable for my program or retreats.

The next retreat is in 2 weeks and prefect for mums and business women.

It helps you recharge so you can make decisions about where your time is going…

Andy why your health and happiness are collateral.


Otherwise here are 3 things you can try on your own.

 3 Ways to Break the BSS!

  1. Shift Health to be a high value
  2. Say “no” as often as you say “yes”
  3. Give yourself the BEST sausage off the plate first.

As you can see even my 3 simple fix solutions are not simple fixes!

The BSS represents a way of living…

That really isn’t suiting everyone.

I would love to help you with it, because I know you will benefit and so will everyone else.

Contact me today!






PS Ask yourself what is the pain of changing, versus the pain of not changing?

I am here to help you, to hold your hand, to give you permission and support you.

Start your health journey today.