What are the common causes of infertility

Are you struggling with pregnancy?

Sometimes the recipe for conception and pregnancy doesn’t work. And many people are finding out they are infertile.

The stats:

2000: one in ten couples were infertile

2010: one in six couples were infertile

2020: one in four couples infertile??

Many get half way – they fall pregnant, but miscarry a few weeks later.

Statistic tell us miscarriage occurs in one in three known pregnancies! The number could actually be higher.

In this blog, I am focusing on infertility not so much the causes of miscarriage, although they over lap.


Being told you are “infertile” is heart breaking news for people who sincerely want to create a unique little person with their partner.

Creating a new being is a true gift and it is something that can not be taken for granted.

Infertility, miscarriages, or inability to conceive can raise stress within the individual and couples and  often  people  feel  like  failures, victims, let down or denied.

This stress can also rub off on to the relationship, causing blame, resentment, anguish and doubt… all common feelings.

Sometimes the causes for not falling pregnant are simple and need a tweak here and there, other times people need a comprehensive, wholistic approach that encompasses your physical and psychological health (as it is often over looked).

Try to remain positive through this time if your recipe is letting you down.

Typically the causes of infertility lie equally with the woman and the male.

So one needs to address female causes, male causes and combo issues for infertility.

Female Causes for Infertility

  1. PCOS causing infertility

The most common cause of infertility in women is high testosterone or a syndrome called poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It currently affects 75% of women struggling to conceive.

I have written a book on it called Beauty & the Beast Within.

In the book I discuss the natural medicine approach and the medical approach to managing PCO.  My book has been a number 1 best seller in Australia and has helped many women understand their hormones.


2. Endometriosis causing infertility.

This is a condition when the endometrial tissue spreads throughout the pelvic cavity.

It can jeopardise the pregnancy, but typically impedes egg transport and conception.

It is heralded by painful and heavy periods.


3. Ovulation issues causing infertility.

These include no eggs being hatched, weak eggs, or only cysts developing.

I find this commonly when women are older or run down.

The latest AMH blood test is meant to reflect ovarian egg reserve but I do find this number can be misleading as women can fall pregnant even with lower ranges. It’s just not ideal.

When I consult clients wanting to conceive, I will take the AMH into consideration but certainly don’t use it as a black and white indicator or fertility status.


4. Mechanical issues causing infertility

These include tube blockages, inflammation, hysterectomy, congenital issues, trauma etc.

Depending on the cause, often these require assistance from an IVF doctor, even if to diagnose it with a laparoscopy.

I have had women who have had sluggy tubes that we have managed by decreasing their allergies and stopping dairy and gluten. Might be worth a try..


Male Causes for Infertility

1. Sperm issues causing infertility

This is the most common issue faced by guys. The sperm are altered in one or many ways leading to dysfunctional sperm.

The may not move enough, may have double heads, have empty DNA, or have no longevity.

Often sperm can be improved with diet and lifestyle changes.

2. Erection issues, hormone issues and psychological issues

Guys suffer with hormone issues and imbalances too.

I help couples in my clinic understand how to manage the changes – often we need to use supplements while waiting for lifestyle changes to make an impact.

3. Low testosterone causing infertility

Low testosterone levels is quite common in men.

It  can be caused by low zinc, burn out and other causes.


Couple Issues

1.Trying to conceive at the wrong time of the month

2. Psychological barriers

3. Not having intercourse

Some people want a baby so much they forget to have sex. I know, it sounds a little crazy but they are often working, focused on other things (like finances, sick in-laws or a range of things) and forgetting to have sex. Connecting with your partner, regularly is a key ingredient for making a baby.


As you can see, the causes for infertility can be varied and lie with one or both partners.

Sometimes getting an “outsiders” opinion is invaluable. And get opinions. Get an opinion from a doctor, from a naturopath and maybe your own research on-line.

After 14 years of having my own natural medicine clinic I have seen a lot that works and a lot that doesn’t.

I sincerely believe that conception and pregnancy are two of the most “natural”things that occur and that somewhere in your journey you should have a specialist in this area overseeing things. Not just a medical person – they are not trained in natural medicines like I am , and will suggest IVF, medications, surgery.

Take control back and find out more about what you can do and how you can make this journey as natural and stress free as possible.

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Sam xox


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