5 HOT tips to control belly fat during menopause

OK the apparent celebration of life; menopause can be traumatic. In fact it can be disastrous.

Flushes, insomnia, low energy and weight gain are common and affect at least six in ten women during this time! Not fun, not easy and not a celebration!

For over 13 years I have been helping women better understand their hormones and also to appreciate that during menopause weight gain and/or weight loss is quite different to any other time in a woman’s life. 

It is hard!

Not because you need to do harder work – e.g. exercise more, eat less, starve, do crazy diets, but because you need to employ a few strategies at once.

These are my top belly fat loss tips for menopause

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TIP # 1

Stop having “dips and cheese” with happy hour.

The excessive calories consumed during any “happy hour “which might be every night for some, is deadly. Eat carrot sticks, celery and nuts if you want to nibble while you drink.

TIP # 2

Learn to love exercise.

Exercise and moving is what the human body was designed to do! It wasn’t designed to sit and read magazines, watch TV or do Facebook. It was designed to move, walk, reach up, and reach down. Make sure you use yours every day.

TIP #3

Say no to bread.

Fresh bread, a little bun, toast, all taste great, especially when they are warm – I get that – BUT they are deadly for your waistline. Not because of the calorie value but because of what wheat and gluten do inside your tummy. They alter the gut membrane so much it confuses the body and your hormones. Say no, it’s much better.

TIP #4

Eat two and a half cups of green leafy vegetables a day!

That’s right, 2.5 cups a day.

Include salad greens, kale, spinach, rocket, sprouts, herbs (coriander, parsley, mint, dill) anything that is green.

Green is the new pink and with 2.5 cups a day you will improve your health and provide your body with loads of phyto nutrients (essential for cancer prevention).

TIP #5

Use your belly muscles.

There are many tummy/belly exercises that don’t feel like a gym session, including laughing.

Singing, laughing, walking tall, sucking it in, planking, sit ups, stand up paddling are all great ways to flatten your tummy.

Switching on your abdominal muscles is important as it flattens your tummy.

I hope you enjoyed these tips.

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