Tassie Bush, Old Mates and Fresh Air at Coopers Hill

For a few years now, my dear friends Rachel and Pete have been creating a living art space in the Tassie wilderness (secret address) which they have affectionately called Coopers Hill.

Sculpture Coopers

The adventure  begins as one passes through the gates which is like entering an enlarged outdoor art amphitheatre.

Visiting the land is an opportunity to discover and uncover all sorts of things – Pete’s art, Rachel’s natural ability to create welcoming and zone out spaces and eat some amazing Tassie Tucker! I love it.

Scuba diver sculpture

This short trip didn’t disappoint in re-charging my “buzzy city battery”.

Fresh air, heavy drops of rain, animal noises and nature immersion 101!

The Tasmania Bush is something else. So much wild life, so many noises and so wholesome.

Pot belly bush fire

Bush fire

Rach and Pete have a vision to bring the land to it’s climactic best. Where the land is thriving and tip top condition.

This is in keeping with nature’s rules – such as when a fire goes through, which is a natural 20 year phenomena – they are simply supporting the natural process of the land and helping it thrive – shifting wood piles, so birds can come and peck, bringing in the grubs, sapplings can grow and new life can begins.

I had a ride on their ride on escavator and found my altered bushman ego LOVED it. Moving dead logs, chomping up clumps of bramble seemed very empowering from my drivers seat.

What I love most about Cooper’s are Pete’s sculptures. Sprinkled throughout the land are art pieces, little sculptures and characters.

Coopers Hill


Coopsy is a fictious character that pops up here and there. He governs and protects that land and occasionally you can see his handy work, maybe some chopped wood, maybe a new path and if you are lucky enough, you might get to have a beer with him!

I must mention the loo.

The dunny

Coopers innovation

Ingenious in it’s design, and fully functional the toilet is eco friendly. Pete and Rachel have given the dunny lots of thought.

Not wanting unwanted aromas to filter back to the camp site, the loo faces the northern sun.

It is ventilated well, operates perfectly, with 2 cups of charcoal (from the fire) and 2 cups of sawdust (from the wood cuttings) then Kobota excavator buries the excrement. The way loos should be – open aired, relaxing with the “business” going back to the soil.

The big fires of Christmas 2013 decimating the Peninsula also ripped through Coopers (burning 90% of it).  But from old life, new life begins and in the morning the drops of dew on the leaves danced like disco balls around the property. The bush seems to cover in the scars of the bush fires only a few years back!

morning sun

The morning autumn sun seems to have a different light frequency.

Last night I stayed in the guest’s suite, AKA the Place du Cafe, falling asleep in the bush, waking to birds and gentle sunlight seeping through the fly screens.

The guests room

Waking with nature, feeling chilled out, Rach is making a gluten free (hearty) breakfast. Fresh brewed fair trade coffee brewed on the fire and a dash of last nights Tassie liquor port start my Sunday off just nicely.

Thanks guys, I love catching up with both of you and as you say ” its the impression that is left that matters most”.

buckwheat and banana