Mt Warning Delights

Today was a magic day shared with close friends in a very spiritual part of Australia, Mt Warning.

Mount Warning

Mt Warning (Wollumbin)
in NSW

Mt Warning, also known as Mt Wollumbin is a step craggy mountain (actually the remnants of a volcano) that makes for a big day time climb.

The 4.5 km, one way walk, (9km return trip)  takes on average 5 hours, giving you a 20 minute break up the top. You can of course do it quicker or longer, depending on your fitness.

I would say this walk requires moderate fitness and I don’t think it is for the feint hearted. The steep incline meanders  through some lovely bush tracks, with the Tweed Valley dropping away below.

The height of the mountain in a bit over 1100 meters, and the last little bit is practically a rock climb straight up.  There are chains to hang onto but it is loads of fun pulling yourself up, especially if you legs have given way!

Views from Mt Warning

The views from the top are spectacular, spanning from the Gold Coast hinterland to Byron Bay and Nimbin.

There is something very bonding about sharing the view with other people who have just survived the rock climb as well. Many kick back in the sun and enjoy a feed before heading back down.

For some silly reason I took a  bottle of wine to be drunk at the top but there was no way known I was going to drink wine, in case I fell off the mountain, so it was carried all the way down undrunk.

At the base of Mount Warning are two options for eating, my favourite being Mavis’ s Kitchen.  

Yummy beef cheeks

Beef Cheeks at Mavis’s Kitchen

It’s a well established restaurant with fantastic gardens and food. They grow a lot of their own produce in their beautiful garden. Today a couple catch a helicopter in, which adds to the surrealism and grandioseness of the place.


Mt Warning Walk

The sunlight in the area gives everything a luminescent glow, citrus greens and crisp blues. A perfect day with the perfect balance of options.

Oh for the record, I had the beef cheeks, on polenta and the Tyrell’s chardonnay. Devine!