Diets – what works and what screws your brain and body up part 8 – Michelle Bridges

I am not too sure why but I have side stepped writing about this very popular “eating plan.” I think I am a little bit jealous.

Michelle Bridges has a fantastic brand, always looks healthy and has a funky website. Plus she is inspiring lots of busy people with her simple recipe book.

Her eating plan has all the classic features of healthy eating (lots of steamed fresh vegetables, salads, exercise daily, recipes). It’s stuff we all know, but the hook is that it is set out for you so you don’t need to think. It also gives some people that boundary that says “NO BRIE cheese and CRACKERS” . And often we are after rules and strict guidelines as we don’t trust ourselves.

Most people find it easy, a healthy way to live and it seems to be positive.I have heard feedback along the lines of:

– its easy to follow

– not rocket science but saves me thinking

I haven’t seen the full diet/running sheet so unsure if she promotes lots of wheat and gluten products (because to me those products and dairy really let people down).

I will mark this up for now as it looks easy to follow and I am hoping to have a similar program for hormone happiness which will include elements of diet and support. So it’s good to see it’s what people like.

Health Queen Rating

8-10/10 but I will change this if I get to see the actual eating plans and suggestions. At the moment I am going on the small parts of the plan that I have seen.

It offers good support – which people need and the videos, educational tips and menu plans are a bonus. It would be good to see it done with a nutritionist but otherwise seems safe and effective.

Leave your comments below if you have done it or are doing it.