Chocolate over sex? Really girls?

It would be remiss of me not to add hormone commentary to a study done in collaboration with and about food and sex!

With over 7500 responders one would think the results are fairly reflective of the average Joe (and Jane).

So here’s what they unveiled..

90% of men still think a traditional dining experience is the best first or second date… I tend to agree. Low risk, safe, impressive. What girl wouldn’t be impressed with a roast beef prepared with all the lashings??


30% of meat eaters wouldn’t date a vegetarian.... sorry vegos, I tend to agree. I love meat and I don’t ever want to feel guilty for eating it in front of someone who doesn’t enjoy it…

And not surprisingly 87% of people get put off if their date flirts with the waitress (or waiter) …. well derr…


Ok that stuff is kinda obvious. What has stumped me is the three in ten single women who claim they prefer a cake or chocolate over sex!

Sex therapist and author Ian Kerner says the issue could be about quality. This I agree with.

It’s much easier to find a reliable, tasty dark chocolate than it is to find good quality sex! And it’s not just with singles, its with coupled people too.

Overall 39% of people would give up their favorite food for a year than have sex (which means for some sex totally sucks and this is a total out) or they are having some of that low quality stuff or never really tapped into the “bliss state”it has to offer. BLAH! Just like cheap chocolate, I say give up cheap yukky sex.

Hmmm the hormone expert in me wants to add ten cents worth….

Sex offer us a lot ladies ! (which is didactically different compared to sex for men – well it offers them a lot but in a different way).

Good quality, loving, enjoyable sex makes us feel happy (even in-love), connected and does a lot for our hormones.

The high quality (loving smooching orgasmic stuff) can lower our testosterone, boost our oxytocin and even lead to FAT LOSS!

Sex can burn extra calories not add (depending on effort exerted), lower cortisol (stress hormone) , lower anxiety and makings us feel zen.  I know chocolate and food comes close but not really!

Sex is the bomb! as the new gen would say. (NB Good quality).

It makes us float, feel ALIVE and even feel gooey like the insides of a chocolate souffle (or a chilled caprioska)!


Next time you have those thoughts of “I would rather dive into a sponge cake then have sex”, think of the converse…

“Imagine if I could have amazing sex, feel beautiful and have my cake and eat it too? ”

That’s what we must aim for girls! Cake and sex 🙂 

What do you prefer?