Devastation after the earthquake in Nepal

My first trip to Nepal was in 2013 and it is the first time coming back since the earthquake.

A fallen home in Nepal after the earthquake

Visible, painful devastation everywhere.

And then to get a deeper understanding, an earthquake of 4.5 occurred while camping on the ground in Fulkharka. I woke to the earth grumbling and moaning and SHAKING! at 1.08am. I knew after the first (very long) second, what was going on. An earthquake.

I was gripped with awe, fear, excitement, confusion.

Was it real? Did I imagine it.

Then in the distance I heard some birds fly off and other animals break out in their tongues. I knew it was a quake.

fulkharka damage

earthquake damage Fulkharka

Fortunately I was in a tent. No real harm could come to me, unless there was a land slide. And I rationally thought if that was to occur then my number was up and that was that.

Back off to sleep I finally went with a new appreciation of what really must have happened last April when the big earthquake of 8.5 hit.

People say the earthquake shook the ground up and down by a foot and side to side, so much so that they were brought to their knees. It lasted 55 seconds.

Buildings would have been tumbling around them and surely they must have thought the end of the planet was nigh?

earthquake nepal

The randomness of the earthquake

This visit I am here to help people after the devastating earthquake that hit here on 25th April 2015. While 8800 people were documented to have died (many wouldn’t have been documented in the villages), three times as many were injured. And with the hospitals pushed to limits anyway, many died in the fields.

For months people lived on the streets of Kathmandu, too scared to go back into their homes. No electricity, no warmth and still today they are suffering.

Nepal Earthquake

Earthquake damage on the streets of Nepal.

Kathmandu earthquake

In 2013, I came along with a charity organisation called Journey Nepal.  A not-for-profit headed up by now close friend Anne and her Nepalese off-sider Shree.

When I describe both of these people I simply say, “they are the closest I have meet to living angels.” Both people are remarkable souls and very dedicated to helping the women of this magnificent land.

The first time I came I visited orphanages and hospitals and have made a post on this here:

India has put an embargo on the boarder so no fuel for cars can come out of India. The black market is thriving and fuel is now three times more than it used to be.  This is crippling the country.

Nepal has to import most of it’s goods – and need trucks to  distribute water – despite having the rivers of the himalayas. Electricity is limited and power black outs are a daily occurrence.

Cooking is limited as there is no gas coming into the country and people are relying on butan bottles.

It is cruel, bizarre and heart breaking to know we share the same planet but with different avenues to resources.

I wish to reshuffle just a few of those resources and help a few people.

Nepal spirit

Two friends in Nepal

If you wish to make a donation you can do so here. 

Come to Nepal, meet the people and change your life! Something magic happens in this land of smiles and acceptance. My friend Shree has the best tour and guide company in Nepal and you can find out more here.