Binna Burra Gold Coast Hinterland

There’s something very Ned Kelly about Binna Burra and the Gold Coast Hinterland.

I am always surprised more people don’t visit as it is so close to the coast and yet, offers a totally different perspective of Australiana. Green bush, misty fog, a cooler climate – it is actually like leaving Queensland for the day and entering into a southern alpine region and stepping back in time. Well so I play out in my mind.

Today I just wanted to escape the four walls of my office and clear my head around some work planning.


The drive up requires concentration as it does weave and swerve but once up the top of Beechmont Mountain Range the views are inspiring and the traffic light.

A few of the tracks are closed at the moment – still from the floods and land slides we had at the beginning of the year. You can check on what is open when you get up there or on the QLD National Parks website here.

I like the Cave walk but it is closed today – so I have to settle for the border walk and just turn around after I am satisfied my brain is clear!

Pademelons bounce around the bush, whip birds send their amazing “whip” sound into the air and trees with hundreds of years wisdom groan in unison. I really love the Aussie bush.

Today a koala perches in a tree – a friendly reminder that wild life still dominates the Australian Bush.

The Binna Burra Lodge is a beautiful place to relax. Upstairs is a loft – the library lounge, and I have done much work up there over the years.

The cafe is OK. Nothing special and most of the menu contains gluten which is a shame.

I have been going to Binna Burra for years and it used to thrive where as no days it is much quieter. The midweek crowd is the tourist bushwalker and the grey rinse brigade.

And me! I still love it and will continue to go.

When you go for a walk in the rain you have to check yourself for leeches and when it is dry ticks. And of course like any Aussie bush carry a stick in case of snakes… and don’t touch spiders and watch out for boobie traps! The last one was a joke.