What is the Woodford Folk Festival?

Woodfordia – I feel like I am entering the set for The Hobbit. Actually now I get the Hobbit! It’s everyone’s fantasy.

Funky hats at Woodford

The Hats of Woodfordia

Imagine bringing your “ back of the wardrobe” fantasies to life… great tunes, talking animals, trees that smile, organic food and skipping fairies… then you imagine Woodfordia.

A valley, a place, a time, where people meet and greet each other without prejudice, without judgement but with love.

Mount Beerwah

This is a festival like no other – it is the Woodford Folk Festival, held north of Brisbane in a lush valley near the Glass House Mountains.

A place where your taste buds are tingled, your eyes teased and your body is tickled!

The Frog Prince

It’s the most ecclectic fun I have had in a while.

I am not even sure where to start.

Execpt I know that upon reflection day one is the most extraordinary mind blowing experience and then day 2 you get the jist of it all and by day 3 you are really finding your groove.

Music everywhere

Woodford Folk Festival – music everywhere

I think and in no particular order that the first day ran a little something like this…

Arrive at Woodfordia camping grounds and find myself pulling into the Priaries in a lush paddock full of newly woken Woodfordians  rubbing sleep out of their eyes. I pitch my tent (all by myself) and find my way along Lois Lane to the festival. My tent is pitched in “Goneamy Way” street, which is beside “ Bombsaway” and “ Let’s go this Way”

Overlooking the Prairie at Woodford

Up dales, down dales, past fairies and unicorns, the whole place is incredible.

Noel Pearson

Old Australia meets Old Australia

After a chilled wine, which we are trusted to sip while walking around various venues (so mature), I find myself listening to a talk with Noel Pearson (what an incredible soul and orator) on environmentalism and helping minority groups such as indigenous, become self reliant through eco systems, permaculture etc.

Woodford Festival

WoodfordFF happy campers

Woodfordia self regulates. There is a definite non-code of consensus in some areas – dress, beliefs, singing, being etc but a definite code of “we don’t tolerate closed minds, non tolerant, critical people. Leave your rules, and laws at the front gate. Or don’t bring them up at all. Namaste, thank-you, bless”.

Woodford Folk Festival is Stimulating..

The art is stimulating and is a like a living art gallery.. stills, scultpure and acting arts (singing, pantamine and more).

Centre piece Bamboo to the skies at Woodford

The music is awesome. Blues, Jazz, funk, hip hop, folk, regae rock. It is endless.

We are all talking a similar language and defintely similar vibration. No angst, no stress and the only time commitment is working out how quickly you can walk the distance between two tents to see the next gig, comedy or talk.

The Blues Bar Woodford

People are muttering the same things too…

” How long have you been coming? Isn’t it wonderful!”

” I wish this was how we lived all the time”

The community is strong and self regulated. No BS, no over the top rules and great freedom.

People are gathered up in a wave of love and collective conscience of beauty and gratitude. This is a festival worthy of an annual visit!

This visit I am priveledged to catch up and see my friend’s band, CC The Cat playing. A funky five piece that play mellow, groovy reggae tunes perfect for an open air gig or a jammed hyped crowd. I dig their tunes and love the band.

I will write more about the labyrinth, the fire festival on subsequent blogs….

For now it is  330am, and I realise that it’s time to let my body drift to another Woodforia… cloud land. A glorious walk over the hills into Woodfordia and I am here in my beautiful nest to sleep with all the other “ villagers” in a very happy prairie vale.

It’s exactly what I expected without having any expectations and I love it.


Meditating on the Hill at Woodfordia