5 Tips to Stop Flushes

Menopause can last 8 years and break the strongest woman.

Flushes are hideous…

Rising out of the blue they can leave you feeling anxious and dripping wet.

At night when your core temperature drops you can get a reflex temperature malfunction and this can cause a flush. Some women may suffer with 10-20 flushes a night.

This cripples sleep!

This saps your energy.

This leaves you empty.

Many women flail during this time and drag themselves to the doctor to be graciously informed that ” you will have another 8 years of this unless you take this pill.”

As a natural medicine practitioner, specialising in hormones, and author of the book; Menopause True there were side effects, I want to inspire women just like you, DO not to give up on yourself! 

Menopause is not a disease!

Your body is amazing and menopause is not a disease!

It is a naturally occurring time in your life.

Attitude is key and being told that can “conquer this” is more empowering and positive than being told (and believing) you can’t.

At the moment my books are open to take on new patients, and I do have a couple of comprehensive on-line programs to help with menopause but I’d like to help you now.

I want to help because I know how desperate it can get suffering with flushing, insomnia and continual weight gain.

You can start today and take your power back with these five powerful tips.

1. Drink herbal teas

There are a few herbal teas that can assist with hormone balancing. My favourite teas (mainly because you can grab a few leaves from the garden) are sage and thyme. Simply grab a few leaves and mash in your finger tips then add boiling water. You can purchase tea blends as well. And there are many herbs that have hormone balancing benefits such as rosemary, St mary’s thistle and red clover.

2. Eat 2 cups of green leafy vegetables every day.

Green leafies such as spinach, asian greens, broccoli contain phyto estrogens which help your body balance hormones. They also help your liver metabolise estrogen metabolites. I like including herbs in that category as well, also for their phytoestrogen benefits, but also anti-oxidant qualities and alkalising abilities. Eat lots and regularly.

3. Wear cotton and natural materials

Not just for your clothing but also your bed sheets. It sounds obvious but having materials close to your skin that breathe will help you cope better if a flush does arise.

4. Engage in gentle restorative activities to balance hormones.

Yes relaxation, meditation and yoga all help balance hormones. Menopause is a time to rest and replenish your body not thrash it and flog it. Relax, restore and replenish. A brisk walk is enough for cardio, swimming, stand up paddling, or maybe a boxing or PT session once a week. BUT really embrace the restorative activities. They are so good for your hormones.

5. Avoid triggers.

Actually work out what your triggers are first.

Common ones are chilli, red wine, spices, coffee and sugar. If these are your triggers, cut them out. Remember it’s about being empowering yourself not feeling like a victim with no control.


These are mu top five tips for stopping flushes and I have seen them work a treat. You might not find one will be enough so embrace them all and try a few things.

In my clinic I use many more tools and herbal supplements to support your body balance but you can get started on these tips now! In the meantime if you did want to come and see me in my clinic send an email to here, or if you would like to read and hear more in my 7 Day Bust Through Menopause Program, click here.