Would you recognise the TOP 3 signs of Burn Out?

Would you recognise the TOP 3 signs of Burn out?

OR like many, would you miss them?

Feeling run down, over doing it, adrenal fatigue are similar versions of the same theme: BURN OUT!

Burn Out may lead to a myriad of physical and psychological issues that unless addressed can lead to a total nervous break down, or other health issues.

Unfortunately not many stop at the “right time” pushing through waiting for that next holiday or for some event that they think will resolve everything. But it doesn’t work like that.

You need to recognised burn out before it totally extinguishes your flame.

These are some of the most common signs that I see in my clinic.


The TOP 3 Signs that you may be burnt out, or run down:

1. Irritability
Irritability is a wonderful term for when little things annoy us. Instead of daily mishaps not being an issue suddenly they are a monstrous issue. They often feel like the final straw, or that life is against you.

The opposite occurs when you are well rested and coming from a place of better reserves; your tolerance increases.

2. Fatigue
Fatigue even sounds exhausting. It is recognised in that moment when you have to wake up and get out of bed yet all you would love more than anything else in the world is to roll over and go back to sleep.

It can feel like a natural hangover – but you are not hung over – it is true fatigue.

Sometimes this is preceded by a lousy night’s sleep – which is very common when people are either “wired but tired” or have low cortisol and low melatonin levels.

You can find out more about your cortisol levels here

The fatigue may also be accompanied by a body ache – often described as tired bones, aching joints of sore muscles. Some are diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

3. Weight gain
A weird paradox happens with adrenal fatigue/burn out and that is what you may have eaten in the past, done in the past with exercise, no longer cuts it.

Weight seems to pile on. This can be a for a few reasons – often a sympathetic under active thyroid is the issue.

Your metabolism may slow down. Weight will go on, and very few interventions will work until you sort out your burn out.

This is when I highly recommend doing my Core Health Program or doing a longer program with me with support, nutritional advice and someone to help you along the way.


The Causes of Burn Out:

Interesting often the reasons creating the feeling of burn out are the reasons the cause is hard to find.

EG: If overworking is the issue, then there won’t be time to reflect on what is causing the burn out. Or insert here : Psychological distress, relationship breakups and trauma etc.

Causes can vary and I have discussed them many times in my blog and book, Chill out or Burn Out.

Common reasons that I find in my clinic (supported by the hair test and/or Core Health Program):

  • Viruses – any virus has the capacity to weaken our immunity and will take a lot of effort to over come
  • Nutritional deficiencies – these are so common, such as low Vitamin B5, B6, aminos such as tyrosine
  • Psychological Stress – relationships, isolation, work issues, mortgage and financials
  • Work – overworking is the modern day disease and discussed at length in my book Chill Out or Burn Out.

Fixing Burn Out

This is a big issue!
If not addressed things will continue spiralling down. So I would recommend investing sometime and money into finding out what the causes are and a current status of where your body is at.

I would recommend the Core Health Program at a minimum.


This includes the very accurate hair test, which may indicate if you are low in certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The saliva hormone test is excellent at picking up hormone levels such as your cortisol levels, DHEA, testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone and more.


In fact I find many women going through menopause are actually burnt out and the flushes, weight gain, restless sleep amend when their hormones are balanced (naturally! Not through HRT)!


The Core Health Program also includes a ninety minute private consultation with me going over your results and devising a program of nutrition, supplements and lifestyle actions.


The feeling of burn out can be resolved…

But having suffered with it a few times myself, I can reassure you that it doesn’t miraculously resolve on its own. It needs addressing, it needs your focus, a plan, a coach and time.


When you do step back and take some time to investigate you shall start moving forward with greater gusto than trying to “push through”.