Hollgrotten Caves

Not far from Zurich in Switzerland are some pretty caves. Very family friendly this easy day trip is worthy of a visit.

Hollgrotten Caves are worth the trip!

I am staying in Baar, which is 30 minutes by train from Zurich. My friend has leant me his bike so for me, this is the best way to get there. Other options are by car. Or to walk from Zug would be about 3km.

By bicycle, you can follow the river along the picturesque forest floor.

Greens, moss, trickling water make this surreal trip so magical.

I pause regularly to suck in the smells of the forest and hear the sounds. With so much deforestation ocurring and global warming heating the planet making many parts arid and desert like, it is comforting to know that well preserved in Switzerland as some lush forests.

Once you get to the car park of the grounds, there is a beautiful restaurant and bar. There are many places for children to explore and I find my little child bubbling with excitement.

A short walk from the restaurant and you will find the ticket box. The cost is 12 Euro and includes a self guided walk.

It is a short cave system but perfect for a family and for people who might be anxious about going into the Earth’s belly.

I am excited!

The caves are illuminated with different coloured lights and the piece de resistance is the middle cave which includes alight show and soft accompanying music.

It doesn’t take long to go through the caves but I relish the experience and take my time. Meditating while there as no one else came through while I was there. Truly a special moment.