PRESS RELEASE – Working Mums struggling with perfectionism and guilt!

Today (3.4.13)  on Hop Into Health, Local Naturopath and health promoter, Sam Beau Patrick, will interview Mel Groom from Mums in Business Australia and discuss working mums and issues they face.

A large percentage of new small to medium sized businesses in Australia are being started up by mums. Many are finding a passion or desire to stay earning income is necessitating their re-entering the work force either when their children are still in nappies or into day care.

This places an incredible amount of pressure on the mum and leaves her feeling split between roles and responsibilities.

A post on the Health Queen Face Book late last night asked working mums what their greatest challenges were, these are the responses:

Soon to be back at work. My greatest stress is knowing my boys are home safe from school & how they cope with me not being there. Over coming that feeling this time by having a nanny with bubba & taking care of the older boys in the afternoons

Trying to win the battle in my head that says that every aspect of my life must be ‘perfect’. Unrealistic, unachievable and de-motivating . I am slowly learning to be ok with imperfection

 Being a perfectionist – trying to ensure I do the best in all aspects of my life – family, work, sport, friends…and learning the art of relaxation!

 Trying to keep everyone happy!

 Other people!

 I’m completely baffled how other mums juggle work and preschool hours! I’m clearly doing something wrong.

 Balance & taking the time to be with the family not just in the same home.

 Dealing with the constant feeling of missing the mark in every aspect of my life – “jack of all trades, master of none”.

 I feel the exact same way you’re not alone!!

 The feeling of having to be always “productive”

 Balance. Perfectionism. Rejuvenation. Giving myself permission to take time out.

Women often feel exhausted, drained, irritable, unloved and unsupported. Physically they are often sleep deprived, mal nourished, low on iron and burnt out.

Many women give up time with their partner (so sex slides), stop spending time on themselves, (exercising, resting, and catching up with friends) and become a slave to the day to day grind that they have inadvertently created.

Many don’t know how to control the beast they subscribe to (work) and this can lead to depression, parental guilt and other hormone issues.

Sam has written several books and Beauty and the Beast Within, the hormone changes making women wild, looks at what physically can change in women as they try to work, be a mum, a wife, a friend etc… The book has been show cased on Today Tonight, Sunrise and Today.

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