Understanding testosterone is my speciality and why Beauty and the Beast Within became a best seller.

Both sexes make this hormone although it is considered to be a male hormone (or androgen).

It is produced along the same pathway as estrogen so it is common to see both high testoterone and high estrogen in people.

High testosterone is considered to be an unknown entity but the following, in my experience, definitely raise it:

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates (especially sugars)

Not eating enough proteins (blood sugar issues)

Women working in male dominated jobs (adaptive response)

Stress (our adrenals make testosterone, so when our survival instincts kick in, so will testosterone)

Athletes (muscle mass produces testosterone)

Abused or people who feel they are in survival mode


In Women HIGH TESTOSTERONE may lead to :

PCOS, endometriosis


Longer periods, some times no period (anovulation)

Unwanted hair or whiskers


Thinning hair on the head

Belly fat

Anger, rage or irritability


Low Testosterone in Women may lead to :

Low energy levels

A failure to gain muscle mass




Men experience slightly different symptoms and obviously not all the period stuff.

They can drop their testosterone which will make them feel flat, depressed and even anxious.

The saliva test is the best way to find out what levels are doing.

You can order yours here.