Today Tonight Interview Toxic Exposure

This is a follow-up blog to an interview on Today Tonight Monday 15th July on Toxic Exposure. I will post a few blogs this week on this matter as there is so much to cover.

Full  TV  interview here

In this blog I want to highlight the health risks associated with toxic exposure. I specialise in hormone disorders in my clinic where I see the end result of chemical and toxic exposure confusing people’s physiology. Chemicals mimicking oestrogen, causing cancer and all sorts of disease.

Toxic and chemical exposure is everywhere!

Foods, cosmetics, body product, our housing, our environment and the air we breathe. Things have changed remarkably in the last 100 years and new chemicals (such as plastic) are new additions that have never been tested in humans and have been adopted as part of progress.

Is progress now killing us?

The Today Tonight interview raised so many questions and issues:

– What chemicals are particularly harmful

– Who should be protecting us?

– Why are commercial businesses allowed to put these synthetic often killer substances in products we consume?

– How can we find out more?

You can start by doing this Body Toxicity & Mineral Test.

I have sat in seminars listening the world gurus in health (medical professors) explain how heavy metals, synthetic additives and artificial substances are altering the human body and causing all sorts of disease and disharmony.

** Mercury levels in fish so high now that the FDA advices

pregnant women to avoid fish ** 

It was only 3 weeks ago that I was sitting in Melbourne with 500 other health practitioners listening to Professor Shoenfeld, Prof Garth Nicolson and Dr Lyn Patrick discuss auto immune diseases and how they have increased in incidence in the last ten years. Much of it due to chemical exposure and activation of genetic weaknesses.

The presented facts were irrefutable. We have created a list of man-induced diseases.

I was to learn that 4-6% of ALL VACCINES that are sold in the USA are contaminated. It is a figure the FDA has approved and is happy with. And most of it is contaminated with mycoplasma which is implicated 100% of the time with auto immune diseases.

Without being too hysterionic I guess you can pick whether you want to have cancer or auto immune conditions or behavioural problems or allergies or hormone imbalances.

Toxic exposure is changing our bodies and our genetic make up!

Auto immune diseases encompass conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, Lupus, Diabetes Type 1, Crohns Disease, Coeliac disorder and on the list goes. ALL OF THESE ARE INDUCED by heavy metals, linked with vaccines and food intolerances make the conditions worse.

I believe in managing diseases we need to address a person toxic burden – but that is just one issue for discussion.

Then last year I was sitting in the same forum with other world Cancer greats (Dr Lise Alschuler, Prof Lynnette Ferguson, Dr Jeffery Bland, Dr Zenon Gruba)  talking about why cancers have increased and all cited the many published papers on toxic burden.

In  fact one thing that really stuck out as ALARM BELLS for me after that conference was Dr Gruba telling us that some species of fish in Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne) have been bred out because they have found xeno estrogens in their bodies, higher than that of the oral contraceptive pill!

Human effluent containing the oral contraceptive pill is making our fish infertile!

We have to pay attention to the collateral of our human behaviours as well as the direct impact on our bodies and our children’s.

Then in 2011, I sat and listened with awe (and disgust) from the worlds ADHD and children behavioural experts telling us that the 4 “A”s – asthma, asperger’s , autism, and ADHD are all due to poor detoxifation pathways, toxic burden, food intolerances, low zinc and links to vaccines (which contain thimerosal – mercury has been used as a antimicrobial agent in vaccines for years and is linked with these issues). This is a blog I posted at the time.

So the other day when TT asked if I could do an interview – of course I would!

Man- induced diseases are a growing area and are not going away in a hurry.

I am happy to try to inform the average person of toxic burden, where it is coming from and why they need to become more aware. If you want to stay up-dates, gently educated, join my face book page. I try to put relevant, easy to follow tips there regularly.

I will blog over the next 5 days on toxicity and in particular:

– fertility

– hormones

– childhood behavioural issues

– food additives

– common daily exposure

If you suffer with any of the diseases listed above, want to avoid cancers and give your children the best start and life possible, I think you need to take responsibility personally.

Our regulatory bodies can not keep up. They are trying but they are impeded by companies with vested interests, skeptical doctors, and other parties blocking the way to good public information.

Most items from supermarkets have chemicals added for flavour, shelf life, colour, palatability, consistency etc.

If you want to test your toxic burden you need to see a whollistic specialist (they maybe a  doctor or a naturopath). You can order a Body Toxicity and Mineral Test through me as a starting point.

My main speciality in hormone treatments and managements. I have written a separate blog on this as it affects breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other reproductive issues for men and women. If you are interested in reading I have 4 books on hormones and they are all available for sale and in Ebook format.

Alternatively if you have a burning question or need specific advice I will do my best to direct you in the right direction email me or join my newsletter.

Read over the next 5 days as I blog about chemicals in food, allergies, pregnancy to name a few. Please share this blog so that more people can become aware of this problem that is not going away.