Why Do Charity Work and Can YOU do it?

When I was 10 years old I wrote in my diary three things I wanted to do with my life. One of them was to help as many orphans as I could.

I am unsure where this desire, yearning came from but maybe I learned early on that whilst my life was tough, there were others doing it tougher.

This vibe and energy has been alive in my body my whole life.

I actively get involved where I can and there are a few reasons:

1. The currency of giving is the most charged energy I know

This is a big concept but one that has served me well.

Have you heard people say that money is just an energy? That all we are doing is exchanging energy when we gain or part with money. In fact those who teach the “value” of money, not the budgeters but the true entrepreneurs, teach you that your relationship with money will dictate how much you have.

Treat money like a lover – what would you say, how would you treat it and watch your money situation change. Give a little and receive a lot!

So money is just an energy form. Time, love, smile, warmth, gratitude and connection are also just energy forms.

Running with the theory that all of these are exchangeable, I know first hand that if I exchange time for someone that they will often exchange some energy back. This is the cruncher… often they don’t give me money but they give me something more valuable: love, or gratitude, or connection.

The energy I receive from doing charity work is the most charged and positive energy I know and I imagine I will never stop.

2. Global Conscience

I do believe that we are all similar. People around the world, women around the world, relationships, individuals, desires and needs – at the end of the day we all need to sleep, wake, eat, go to the loo and love. With this approach to life and other humans, I have always felt we are the same.

It upsets me then when I see and hear about others suffering on the planet while I am simultaneously living either just down the road or on the other side of the planet. It doesn’t matter. We are co-habitants and they are my “brothers and sisters” and if I can make their lives better I will give it a go.

3. Giving and helping can be second nature for some.

I must admit, unlike others I do seem to see opportunities to give people smiles and improve their lives where others don’t. I call this my Lady Diana gene. I also know if money wasn’t an issue I would spend more of my time contributing to charities and causes.

CAN you get involved and help out?

Of course you can.

You can get involved locally, nationally or internationally.

You can get involved with humanitarian work, child protection services, environmental work, or animal work.

Give your time (volunteer), your energy, your connection (visit people in nursing homes, street kids), give your money (small change goes a long way), love (foster children, volunteer at the local library), give knowledge, mentor. There are many ways to give, without parting with money.

How should I chose an organisation?

If you are unsure, overwhelmed and write down the things you love, the things you would potentially stop a train for and then pursue this as your first charity.

Local groups like rotary, church groups, wildness protection, PAWS are great organisations.

I support Brave hearts, various smaller charities and sponsor a few individuals.

Nationally RSPCA, Blind Dogs Association, Clean up Australia, the multiple health campaigns can be ok. But keep in mind the bigger the organisation, generally the bigger the admin fees.

I don’t support PINK (breast cancer charity) as it is a marketing company that only gives a percentage of it’s proceeds to breast cancer research. My issue with this is that you can “purchase” the pink ribbon for your product. It doesn’t mean the product is breast cancer safe (I see the ribbon on hideous, chemical ridden foods that are associated with causing cancer) and I also don’t believe we need millions more to go into breast cancer. We actually know a lot about breast (and all cancers) now. I think the money would be better spent on informing people into how to avoid breast cancer given the info we already know (ie find out estrogen levels, Vit D levels, eat organics, alkalise your body, lean down, decrease alcohol etc). The Heart Foundation is similar. So look into who you are supporting first. Ask for their annual report, check out where their money goes.

I support:

Jane McGrath Foundation (money goes to nurses who go to women and families suffering with breast cancer)


Save the Children

Internationally there are a few wonderful organisations and some that are less active/less altruistic. The ones I support are:

Medicine sans Frontiers

SAACID Australia Incorporated  a great group who help Somalian women and children.

Healthcare Helping Nepal

My individual ones:

Mercy House Orphanage Thailand

When there is a local disaster I try to chip in too – the Brisbane floods, the Victorian Bush Fires. There are many ways to do “charity work” and receive amazing rewards today.