Why testosterone is better managed as a stress hormone

The issue of high Tt levels in ladies is becoming more common in Modern Women. Studies over the years tend to indicate that aggression, competing and winning elevate Tt levels in men. And obviously with high levels that inspires more aggression and competitiveness. But we are not so sure with females.

When TT levels are high, ladies experience:

Male pattern hair – i.e thinning hair on their scalp and pubic regions, more hair on their face (in particular the chin and upper lip) and hairy arms, hair on the tops of the feet and toes and around their nipples

Acne or pimples on the chin, back or chest areas

More competitive urges

Aggression and rage,

Deep voice

Muscle definition

From what I can understand, the anger from elevated Testosterone is different than the anger experienced with high estrogen. I tend to find ladies with high Testosterone tend to be more outwardly aggressive, angry and vocal. While Estrogen tends to makes ladies more moody, teary and fragile. Once again, this needs to be explored in larger population groups and will be done so on www.byebyebridget.com