Favourite videos 2018

These are a collection of my favourite videos/interviews for 2018.

Some are TV interviews.

Some are podcasts.

Some are Face Book Lives.

All I ask is that you share or comment on the ones that you also love 🙂 xx

TV Interviews 2018

Hormones and Weight Loss. This was a great overview interview on Today.

Hormones and weight loss

Learning about dieting and this fascinating study from Denmark really brought home to me that “dieting” does not work. That a lifestyle commitment to be healthy is the only way.

Dieting doesn’t work

This year personally was a BIG year for me. After having implants in 2012 I decided to have them out. The research, the trend is overwhelming… anything implanted in your body has potential to weaken your immune system and steal your energy.

Breast Implant Illness

The exciting launch of my latest book Chill Out of Burn Out has received much media attention and has been helping women and men recognise the signs and save themselves. You can buy a copy here.

Podcasts 2018

A crowd favourite
A must-listen to if you have Breast Implants
Part 2 – mirenas and implantable devices

Face Book Lives 2018

Other amazing 2018 activities

I sometimes get asked what would I do if money and time were not issues. I can tell you know, hand on my heart, that I would be doing more charity work.

I adore helping others. It brings out the best version of me, and I know I can facilitate and help many hundreds and thousands of people. This is a short spell over on Lombok this year after the earthquakes and the small effort I managed to pull together.


2018 was amazing. My art took off with many commissions, trips to Europe and even some media about my pieces. All of my art is housed on this website.

I held 2 retreats that transformed women’s lives and in 2019 I will be offering a Bali and Byron retreat.

I resigned (momentarily) in May 2018 as I really felt after 16 years I had burnt out. But after a short break, I was taking on new clients again.

I am excited about 2019… there is still so much to do and offer and I would love you to be a part of the journey.

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I am offering 2 health and hormone balancing programs in 2019 so get in touch with Alex as I am only working with a small group of women.

I am wishing everyone the most amazing 2019.

Women – ladies… we need to change how we approach life. We need to nurture ourselves and re educate ourselves on our needs. Once our cup is filled we will serve others better without sacrificing ourselves. A small but powerful shift.

All the best and say g’day sometime, comment on my blogs, FB or anywhere. I love hearing about your successes and if I can assist with the downs.