Burn out in 2023


🎉 Life can be a party, but sometimes we over due things at work, home or even succumb to a virus.

OR maybe you are simply feeling the “crunch” of current living!

If you feel like your inner spark’s is running a little low…

Or maybe your zest or vim has left…

You may be suffering with burnout or hyper fatigue!

Here’s a TV interview I gave a few years back:

🚀 Understanding Burnout/hyper fatigue 🚀

Imagine running a marathon in super-speed mode… 24/7!

That’s modern life for many of us.

Whether it’s running kids around, squeezing everything into a busy work day, staying up to date on social media, there seems to be more happening now then every before!

So what is burn out?

In a nut shell, it’s when your inner battery needs a recharge but doesn’t receive it. ⚡

Classic symptoms include:
> Body aches (shins, hips, upper back)
> Mid afternoon slump and just wanting a sleep
> Lowered mood, snappiness, or disconnect
> Low energy despite sleep
> Recurrent infections
> Insomnia
> Worry weight (weight around the tummy)

I believe there are four stages of burn out and I highlight these in my book, Chill Out or Burn Out.

What can you do about burn out and hyperfatigue?

Diagnosing hyper fatigue and burn out can be a game changer.

When I discuss hormone results and hair test results with people and they can see their own flattened hormone results a few things happen.

  • They feel validated (no, this isn’t just in your head)
  • They feel relief (of all the things that start swimming through a person’s head, it is relief to know it’s nothing “nasty-nasty” is going on and there are actions to remedy it)
  • They feel inspired & optimistic (there are actions they can now take to get out of the pickle and time frames)

I strongly recommend doing the saliva hormone test, hair test and consults here to get things underway.

In the saliva hormone test, we measure your Cortisol, Testosterone and DHEA hormones which are produced by your adrenals and if the adrenals are over or under functioning, this test will highlight it and indicate which burn out stage you are at.

The hair test is excellent as it may indicate if you are lacking the key nutrients that your adrenal need for full function such as Vitamin B5, B6 and tyrosine.

The sessions with me will help us work out the root cause, set up a short term action plan and make some supplement recommendations.

I also recommend the following lifestyle measures which I have listed here:

🌜 1. Sleep: Dive into Dreamland 🌛
Sleep isn’t just your nightly Netflix episode break!
Dive deep into dreamland, letting your body and mind refresh.
Jump off phones and try to allow a normal slide into sleep when it is dark…
Consider a bath
Chilling out with a book
Nothing too cerebral!

Calming teas, lavendar and moonlit meditation. 🌙

🥦 2. Munch Your Stress Away! 🍓

Did someone say ‘food’? Your plate can be a rainbow of resilience. Dive into foods bustling with vitamins B, C, and some omega-3 goodness.
Limit coffee after midday and try to limit to one or two coffees a day😜

🧘 3. Shake, Rattle, and Roll… With Exercise! 🕺

Your body’s got rhythm! And loves day time exercise!
Whether it’s grooving to your favorite tune, striking a yoga pose, or taking a breezy walk with nature, keep that body movin’!
The energy used during the day will help it switch off and sleep over night.

🍀 4. Mind Over Mayhem 🌌

Dive into the present with mindfulness.
Try to decipher what is really worthy of your time and attention and that which is not!
Worrying about things not in your control are fatiguing!
Try meditation apps and chilling more… Let your body relax.

🎸 5. Work. Play. REPEAT! 🎨
Blurring lines between work and play?
Time to paint clear boundaries! Especially if you work from home.
Make time at regular intervals to leave the computer desk and do a short walk or activity.

🌺 6. Call in the Pros! 🌺

When in doubt reach out!
Naturopathy is well equipped to help with this very common issue and in the year of “hyperfatigue” You will probably meet many folks on the verge of burn out if it isn’t you. Please let them know there are ways to manage it including the Core Health Program I have highlighted above.

🌟 In a Nutshell 🌟

Burnout can be overwhelming!
But it doesn’t need to continue that way, and recovery can be quickish (6-8 weeks depending).
It really is a red flag that you are not attending to your own health balance and it is time to do things differently.

And lastly, if you really want to shuttle yourself along and take sometime out to reset, I have a retreat in Bali 11-16th September and one on the Gold Coast 16-20th October .
These are an opportunity to reset, discover, recalibrate and nourish your soul.

Keep shimmering, and reach out at any time!

Stay sparkly🎉🌈🎈

Sam xx

PS Below is a testimonial from Romy after she came on my Bali retreat a few years ago. There are only two places left on the Bali retreat