Interview Rabbit Radio – Compounding Hormones

Today Sam Beau Patrick interviewed Jack Hammond, Compound Pharmacist, on Bio identical hormones and Vitamin D. The interview based around HRT, bio identical hormones, and other natural options. These are some take home grabs:

1. Bio identical hormone supplements are made to the individual patient’s needs.

2. The hormones are extracted from wild yam and soy.

3. Premarin (HRT) is made from pregnant mares urine and has been highly associated with cancers (see WHI initiative study 2002). There are still 9-10 million users world wide using premarin

4. Vitamin D is fine to be taken on it’s own. You only need it with calcium if you are specifically after an oestoporosis preventative.

A good progression I believe is:

1. Start with lifestyle adjustments/enhancements and see if that helps things. (eat organic, exercise, juice, drink waters, do yoga etc.)

2. See a naturopath for herbs and supplements (and they should also enforce the lifestyle measures). Herbs and supplements can help the body’s natural ability to balance many things.

3. See a holistic doctor who may recommend bio identical hormones

4. See a standard GP or hormone specialists (I’d reserve this as usually a naturopath and a holistic doc can get great side effect free results).

To find a doctor that can help with bio identical hormones you can check out Jack’s website: