Maree’s Incredible Transformation Through Menopause

Do You Feel LOST in Menopause?

Not sure how to prepare your body, and mind...

OR HOW HELP Yourself..

Read on.


Maree first saw me a few years back.

At the time she was suffering.


She had a back operation 18 months before seeing me, and was suffering with on going pain.

Pain so bad that she could barely walk.

The physio treatments were not working... and she needed daily pain relief.


Unfortunately it also co-incided with menopause . This really held her back.

The pain, the flushes and then the weight gain was destroying her! 

She was at the point of crying every day and not wanting to leave the house.

Her husband had no idea of what to do in order to help...

He also felt helpless.


Anyway, she took a big leap of faith and came and saw me.

Our first consultation involved mapping out a realistic path for her to follow, with clear guidelines, mile stones and checking points.

All Maree had to do was follow the path.

Which she did.


The results were fantastic.

After the first 2 weeks she had stopped all pain relief and was walking.

The flushes stopped. The tears dried up!

Once the menopause symptoms stopped, she started to lose weight...

LOTS of weight.

Maree lost 10 kg in 8 weeks.

Her life transformed.

These are Maree's words:

I knew my body was in a mess and menopause had got a hold of me in a not so nice way.  My weight was a great burden for me in a way that was holding me back in performing to my full potential.  Business, family and life were a struggle.  I knew my body was not how it should be functioning and understood that menopause and the symptoms I had were the most contributing factors to me not feeling well, being over weight and at times so over it, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I didn't want to exercise and had no energy.  Days of lying on the lounge wondering when it would all end.  Seeing my friends and partner looking at me 'differently' and reading their eyes in telling me – you just look horrible, I had to do something and Sam was found.

Within my first few consultations Sam managed to address exactly what I needed to do to be able to achieve what was important to me.  Weight was lost, dietary needs most suitable for my blood type and body were introduced, exercise and time out for me were all addressed and achieved with amazing results.

Back then I was a very unhappy, lethargic over weight menopausal woman.

Today I am a very happy, energetic woman loving life and love reading the new eyes that now look at me now.

I love Sam as much as I love life.  She has been my helper and continues to help and support where needed.

Thanks, Sam.  Xx Maree


If you had told Maree at the beginning it was going to be that easy, I am sure she wouldn't have believed you!

But step by step...

Doing her part...

The planned work.

It can work for you too!

I know the recipe... how to make all this happen.


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