Oxytocin, the love hormone, is my favourite anti-stress hormone

Oxytocin is by far my favourite hormone. It helps with a range of issues such as feeling connected, feeling happy and controlling weight!

It helps counter-act many of the negative affects caused by other hormones such as cortisol and testosterone.

It has been researched extensively and shown to improve social connection/happiness and engagement.

Tonight there is a television show about how there is a connection between poor oxytocin pathways as a baby and increased drug and alcohol dependance – which makes total sense.

I have definitely observed the miracle-like benefits oxytocin offers women who may have a range of issues and just how easy it is to do.

A simple hug can be enough to drop testosterone and anger within seconds!

It’s proven that women who participate in “social and connecting activities” (e.g. group activity, catch up for coffee, connect via social media) actually increase their oxytocin levels.

The rise in oxytocin helps them relax, enjoy life more and feel connected.

Simultaneously the increase in oxytocin will lower the stress hormones: cortisol and testosterone.

Oxytocin is perfect for treating  PCOS naturally, alcoholism, stress, anxiety, hypertension caused by stress, weight loss and other hormone imbalances. And the great news is you don’t need a pill to produce it. You can do it yourself and naturally.

This was a blog I wrote on how to raise your own oxytocin levels naturally .

And tonight I enjoyed watching this ABC TV show on catalyst about oxytocin.