Why working women increasing their testosterone levels

There is a rising phenomena in working women of increasing testosterone. Although not well researched in women at all, rising testosterone levels are leading to all sorts of health issues.

The most common health related issues are infertility, facial acne, facial hair, aggression and rage and abdominal fat.

Over the years, I have personally and professionally watched with much interest at rising testosterone levels in women.

It appears that there does exist a  “typical female archetype” with high testosterone levels (also referred to as Poly Cystic Ovaries/syndrome or PCO), which I like to refer to as Female Hormone Disorder.

She is often fast paced, not fluffy (or sissy as my friend calls it), competitive and driven, likes working with goals and outcomes, high achiever and often stressed (although she may not admit to the stress, nor high achiever part).

Her time management is usually crammed, full and many look at her schedule and go “wow, how do you fit it all in.” This is especially true if she is juggling children, exercise and a social life.

So why does testosterone rise in this group of women?

The exact answer is unknown but is probably a combination of:


The stress glands, also referred to as the adrenal glands, produce adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body and in women, are largely responsible for testosterone production. So every time you stress, you are making testosterone. We need to be aware of what things we chose to stress over and change as well as do active relaxation.


This is not well researched at all, but I suspect their is a strong link between our innate survival instincts, testosterone production and working in a “man’s world”. The western work culture of starting at 9am, finishing at 5pm is fine for men, but really doesn’t suit the typical woman. This is a large conversation in itself and highly contraversial and I will be talking about this more at the up-coming FREE webinar on testosterone on Feb 15th (be sure to register).


There is a strong link between high carbohydrate consumption and the production of testosterone. So foods such as breads, grains, take-aways and alcohol will lead to increased testosterone. I also find that busy, working women can be drawn to these foods as there is a perception that these are easier and quicker to produce. It’s these slack eating habits that are really letting us down. Eat organic, high quality vegetables and hormone free proteins to keep testosterone levels normal.

– Exercise

Activitiy does play a big role in this too, as exercise helps the body manage blood sugar levels. Daily exercise is essential. Not only for switching the brain off, digesting all the action of life, mobilising fat, increasing circulation and keeping blood sugar levels normal. Which is an integral part of maintaining a normal lean body shape.

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