How To Manage Hypertension Naturally!

High Blood Pressure or hypertension, is a very common occurence in Western Countries.

In  2011-12 it hypertension affected one in three Australians!

Crazy high figures, especially given that most of it is due to lifestyle inflections.


  • high salt diets (even in bread)!
  • hidden salts
  • stress
  • the way we structure our day (no siesta, no relaxation)
  • Being over weight
  • unrealistic expectations
  • and many other factors that force our body to become over-whelmed, have an over active sympathetic nervous system and STRESS!

This is a short clip about hypertension...

High Blood Pressure needs to be nipped in the bud (reduced) as it can lead to chronic disease, renal failure and stroke. Short term it can give people headaches, dizziness and a feeling of being surreal. Not nice and dangerous.

You can buy blood pressure machines from your pharmacist and these are fairly accurate.

To bring your blood pressure under wraps (we are aiming of a top reading - systolic - of <120, and a bottom reading - diastolic - of < 83) try these things:

  1. Decrease table salt
  2. Keep Sodium under 2000mg per day
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Try yoga and meditation (proven to work)
  5. Lose weight
  6. Decrease stress (meditation, let things go, seek help)

If you suffer with hypertension and would like to embrace natural therapies, drop me a message. I am also a coronary care trained nurse and have good results helping people with this very common symptom.

OR order a hair test here to find out indicators to why you may have hypertension or what nutrients you may be deficient in.