Press Release – naturopaths giving free consultations in Supermarket chains across Australia

Natural Medicine Industry being divided within.

Woolworths are trialing free naturopathic consultations for clients in store in QLD and NSW. This is dividing the industry!

A post on a national Naturopathy Face Book page has set the industry into a spin and practitioners scratching their heads.

Health and wellness products are a billion dollar industry in Australia and larger shopping chains like Coles and Woolworths are claiming their share. However this is done with disregards to the industry and to naturopaths, like Sam Beau Patrick, who have been in private practice for 12 years.

Unlike other industries: Dairy, farming, building and car sectors, natuopathy has NEVER received government assistance. In fact government regulations have made it very hard for graduates in the industry to thrive and draw an income above the poverty line.

An industry that practices evidence based natural medicine, recommending nutritional and food advice and helping with stress reduction.

Statistically only 5% of graduates in Australia (Complimentary Medicine) make a living from their profession, with the remaining taking up other professions or giving up.

Sam Beau Patrick has had a leading edge being a former nurse and pharmaceutical rep and actually receives referrals from doctors, but many do not, and many do not survive in private practice.
This forces junior naturopaths or those lacking in business acumen to work in health food shops, or soon, national retail outlets.

Sam would love to discuss this on TV.

She has plenty of people willing to talk on TV about the issue from patients, allied health professionals, dieticians, GPs and Specialists.

Please contact Sam via email or mobile to discuss more.